The TunnStein® product line is one of the most exciting innovations to come along in years. Light, flexible and extremely thin. TunnStein® average thickness is 2 mm. & it just WEIGHS 1.5-1.6 KG/ml2!

TunnStein® consists of a layer of natural Stone and a backing of reinforced fiberglass polyester resin.

RESIN: 1.35 KG/MT2

A careful & strict selection of the quality of the polyester resin makes TunnStein® superior product
in the present market. This makes it handle both high temperatures & freezing without cracking.

TunnStein® is available in wide varity of 'backing' giving it unlimited applications.
Presently it is available in following backlings:

  • Reinforced Fiber Glass Polyester Resin
  • Fleech
  • Peel & Stick
  • Foam Backing
  • Rubber Backing
  • Cork Backing
  • Translucent Backing



TunnStein® can be bent with a great flexibility, making it a unique product thus giving it a wide usage: floor, walls, ceilings. Interiors, exteriors etc. Going to cover bigger segments of furniture industry, aerospace industry, yacht manufacturing industry & numerous renovation projects.

Depeding on the adhensive, TunnStein® can be laminated on Wood, HDF, MDF, Melamine, plywood, acrylicsheet, metal, fibercement, concretem brick plastic board, foam panel etc.

TunnStein® available sizes: (customarise also possible)
-61x122 cm, 122x144 cm, 105x210 cm, 90x240 cm, 60x60 cm, 60x30 cm

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